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DIY Upholstered Corkboard



Took on a little project recently. We had some 12×12 tile cork boards and an empty frame. Boyfriend had the idea to make it a corkboard. I couldnt stand the thought of just seeing plain cork up on the wall so the wheels started turning…


Here are the tiles…




I bought a piece of poster board so I would have something to adhere the cork tiles to. I laid it over the white paper that came with the frame (its the exact size I need the cork board to be) and used glue to adhere them together.





Next, I placed the cork tiles over the paper/poster board and used an exacto knife to cut them down to size.  Once they were the perfect size I used a glue gun to adhere them to the poster board.




Next, I laid out the fabric( I cut it a little bigger all around so I would be able to wrap it around) and placed the cut/glued tiles cork side down over the fabric.



Wrapped it nice and tight, all the way around, and glued it down.  Be careful pressing it down, the glue was hot and the fabric provided little protection.




Once it was all glued and pretty, I placed it into the frame and used the regular backing to secure it in.




And Voilà! My purrdy cork board!  I added some decorative tacks for a little extra somethin’.




Here’s her new home…she’s already getting lots of use!




What do you think? Had any DIY projects lately? This one was pretty easy and inexpensive. It’s great to come up with uses for stuff you have lying around.

Awesome Up-cycled Chair!

I came across this awesome before and after chair that I just had to share. It never seizes to amaze me how easy it is to make something old look fresh and modern. I’m a lover of thrifting,  making old things new and fresh, but I would probably pass this one up.


Check out this before…

Pretty ugly right. Do you see any potential in this?



You have got to see how amazing this after picture is…


Can you believe it?  Looks great right?

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