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Ikea Rast Makeover

I’m not sure how I came about discovering this great Ikea makeover, but I’m sure glad I did.  It was the perfect inexpensive solution for a lonely bed.   I believe I saw it first on aubreyandlindsay, but I quickly scoured the net for more .  I kinda became obsessed once I spotted it and then frantically looked all over the web to find more images/info on this magnificent idea.

Pretty + cheap = LOVE!


Ikea rast dresser


I actually found one Ikea Rast dresser on craigslist for $20 ( got to love that craigslist). The best part was that it was already assembled. Saaweet! Funny story, but the girl I bought it from was planning on doing the same thing! I think she lost her motivation and found something else. Oh well! Her loss, my gain. I was going to make-over only one nightstand, but boyfriend quickly stepped in… “how can you only do one, shouldn’t it be a set?” . Ugh…so I went to Ikea that weekend to buy the second one.  It cost $30. Then I was off to Home Depot to pick up supplies.

  1. One quart glossy white paint
  2. Minwax stain- Dark Walnut 2716- pint
  3. Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane – satin
  4. Sanding block- 220 grit
  5. Small paint roller

I used disposable latex gloves that I had at home to protect my hands from any yuk-ness, rags for the stain and a brush I already had.  It was fairly easy to assemble.  All by myself I might add! Next step was to lightly sand.  I also wiped them down to remove any loose wood particles from the sanding.  I used the cardboard box the Rast dresser came in to protect the floors from any messiness.

I have to say, it was my first time ever staining anything.  Let me just add that I’ve done many, many DIY projects. Fearless is my middle name, so I dove right in!  It was easy, I used boyfriends’ cut up old t-shirt for the rags.  I was content after the first coat, but boyfriend thought I should do another one.  So, two coats later, it was looking pretty good!


ikea rast makeover


Let me interject here. I did not want to stain the inside. I’m lazy, and didn’t care.  No one sees the inside!   But nooooo, boyfriend had to step in and make me feel guilty convince me otherwise. Something about re-sale, “finished product”, blah, blah, blah.   I did it, mainly because he was right (so hard for me to admit).  I only did one coat though… shh…




I did read that other ikea rast hackers did fill in the nail holes with wood filler before they started staining, but I was much too eager to get started to pay attention to the details. I don’t really notice them, so it’s all good for me. If you’re planning on tackling this makeover, it’s a step to consider.

While the stain was drying I tackled the drawer fronts. This part was quick and easy. I decided against priming.  Simply for the fact that I was using a white glossy paint. I figured I could just use an extra coat if I felt they needed it.  I used a small roller to paint them and I didn’t paint the edges (much to boyfriends’ disapproval) .  I read ( in one of the many blogs I researched on),  that the drawers got “stuck” a bit when they painted the edges so I decided against it.  I did lightly roll the bevelved edge though.  Just in case that could be seen from the front.




After the stain dried, I applied one coat of the poly. The directions recommended two, but I was content with the results after one. I did not apply poly to the drawer fronts. My experience with this is that they yellow over time.

Here’s the finished product!




I’m quite pleased with the results, and definitely the price!!  I didn’t find any knobs I liked at Home Depot.  They were either too expensive or just not right.  I found these at Target for $9.99 for a package of four.  The knobs are brushed nickel and have modern feel. Since the nightstands have a Mid Century vibe, I wanted to modernize them a bit.

Check back to see the progress of the new pad.  Our bed is no longer the only piece of furniture in the bedrom…yay!

Feel free to write if there are any steps that are unclear/ left out or you just feel like saying hi!

I’ll leave you with some other inspirational Ikea Rast makeovers…



ikea_rast via this_is_home










And for the original “classic”  from aubreyandlindsay




Saarinen Crush

I really really want a Saarinen table (LOVE LOVE LOVE), but at $1,676.00, it’s not in the budget for now. Boo-hoo.


Eero Saarinen Tulip Dining Table / photo from


I’ve settled on the DOCKSTA dining table – a low-budget version  from Ikea.  I recently found the table on Craiglists for $80. It retails for $180, so I’m happy I saved some money there.



ikea docksta dining table


I’m happy with DOCKSTA table for now and it’s been fun looking for chairs to pair with it. I’ve discovered pretty much anything will work.


Here are some examples of chairs paired with either the Docksta or Saarinen table .  Total awesomeness.



docksta table via decorpad


docksta via decorpad



saarinen tulip table and chairs via beachbungalow8

saarinen table and tulip chairs

saarinen table and tulip chairs


ikea docksta table via flickr

saarinen-apt therapy

saarinen table via apt therapy


saarineen-table-twenty first century retro

saarineen table via twentyfirstcenturyretro



I could go on and on. There’s no shortage of images with the tulip pedestal table and  a variety of chairs that work for it.

Check back soon. I found some chairs on Craigslist circa 1970’s that I plan on reupholstering. Really excited about finding some fun fabric for them!

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