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Awesome Up-cycled Chair!

I came across this awesome before and after chair that I just had to share. It never seizes to amaze me how easy it is to make something old look fresh and modern. I’m a lover of thrifting,  making old things new and fresh, but I would probably pass this one up.


Check out this before…

Pretty ugly right. Do you see any potential in this?



You have got to see how amazing this after picture is…


Can you believe it?  Looks great right?

Meet the New Campaign Style Desk

Another score on Craigslist! A campaign style desk…not the real thing of course, but a nice looking reproduction. The owner actually had it for 30 years! The desk was originally a really cool green color but she repainted it white ( not the greatest paint job either).  It was $40 bucks and it came with a piece of glass she had custom made for it. Double score! Here she is…



When I saw it I knew it was going to be a DIY project.  I’ve seen campaign style furniture in so many fun colors,  I knew I would be, at the very least, painting it.  When I actually examined the condition it was in,  I decided it was probably best to strip the existing paint and start from scratch. Being that I’ve never actually stripped paint from furniture, I didn’t know what I was getting myself (and boyfriend) into.


Here’s what I picked up from Home Depot:



  1. 15 minute spray stripper(came with spray bottle)
  2. Stripping tool
  3. Chemical resistant gloves
  4. Steel wool pads
  5. Mask
  6. Mineral spirits


And so the journey began…this is what is looked liked with the paint stripper doing its thang…



The first layer of white paint came off easily.  It was the original green paint that was tough.  What I couldn’t get off with the paint stripper and scraper, I figured I could just sand down to get a smooth finish.  Boy!  Am I glad for boyfriends!  I borrowed an electric sander from my dad and while I finished stripping the paint off, boyfriend went to work at sanding.   5 hours later (I think if he realized it would take so long, he probably wouldn’t have volunteered) it was done.  Hallelujah!  Next step is the priming.  Here’s a shot of the “painting station” with the desk stripped and sanded.



As you can see, some of that green paint didn’t want to budge much…




Never the less, it was smooth.  Next step.  Priming.

Right now, I’m in the middle of priming it.  I’m having a tough time deciding what color to paint it.  Did you notice all the paint swatches sitting on top of the desk?  Boyfriend really wants “Candy Apple Red” , but I’m not sold.   Although I know it would look great, I’m feeling something a little more fun, like “Pencil Yellow”.  What are your thoughts?  Here’s a closer shot…




or what about…






So many options!!!  I would love to get some feedback, so please comment.  Especially if you’re siding with my choice instead of boyfriends’ pick.


Here are some great examples of campaign style furniture to help along with your decision


via lonny magazine




via makingmacy.blogspot



via stuartmemberyhomecollection



via boogieboardcottage.blogspot






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