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Color Fun Friday! Yellow + Gray = Love!


I just cannot get enough of this color combo right now. You see it all over blogs and design mags these days and it will probably stick around for a while. It’s modern, sophisticated and fun. It is also super versatile. It can be used in any room from a kitchen down to a nursery. Mixing different tones/shades of the yellow and gray can produce endless possibilities for any space.  Can you tell I’m a fan?



Right off the bat, I just love this wallpaper. It feels modern and sophisticated. The yellow and different shades of gray really add an element of interest without being overwhelming.




I like the mix of industrial and modern in interiors. This yellow barn door is right up my alley.  It adds unexpected interest to the room in the perfect color.




These hues of yellow and gray seem more muted and subtle. Perfect for a bedroom.  I love the striped linens.




This kitchen in mostly gray with pops of yellow thrown in. I love that gray can act a a neutral background for some pops of fun.




This space feels super sophisticated to me.  The art could have been the inspiration behind the design of the room. Did you know that is a great way to decorate a room?





This room is pure fun.  Along with the yellow and gray palette, I love the geometric area rugs.




Cleans lines, great colors and great furniture. Nuff’ said…




This bathroom is super cute. Who says you can’t put a decorative mirror inside the shower!? The yellow and gray color combo works great in this cutie bathroom.




I am in awe of this headboard/artwork collection. I want to do something like this in my home.  Again, the colors work great and the white is a great addition to the combo.




This one stopped me in my tracks. Thom Filicia for Kravet. Simply beautiful! And a testament that this combo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There’s nothing about this space I don’t like.



What are your thoughts about this color combo trend? Love it like me? Did you know gray is spelled with an “a” in America and with and “e” in England?



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(All images via a Google Image Search and Apartment Therapy)


Color Fun Friday! Gray is the New Black!


Piet Mondrian's Gray Tree

Gray is timeless, practical and solid.  It mixes well with any color. Gray can have a cooling effect when placed next to other more vibrant colors. It also has a stabilizing effect, making vibrant colors stand out while muting their vibration. Use gray as a cooling background for any space and then infuse pops of color throughout. Any color will work with this great neutral. It’s currently very trendy…check out the great spaces below.


I really like the use of a neutral palette is this living room. The red accents are a  great compliment the space.  I’m really diggin’ that lamp!




This living room has a really nice calm vibe. The accents bring in some liveliness and the wood furniture brings in warmth.




The white looks extra bright and clean against the all gray backdrop. I’m loving that detail on the ceiling.




This living room has several different tones of gray throughout. It has a classy yet relaxed vibe.  That tree stump is a great looking piece!




This modern space looks great with the stone faced fireplace as its focal point. I don’t think gold would of been my go-to for a accent in this space, but I think it gives the room some warmth.



This room feels so relaxing! I can see myself gettin’ cozy in this bed. Layers of gray in different shades and textures. Oh la la!




This wallpaper is gorgeous! Enough said!





I like how this gray wall frames the lighter colored bathroom beyond it.  I love the brass details and the clawfoot tub in the bathroom too!




The gray sofa and and area rug stand out against the white backdrop. The awesome raw-edged dining table gives the open space the warmth it needs.




I just love this idea! The back panel of the kitchen island is painted with a gray chalkboard paint. So clever!  I’ve always loved the wood/industrial look. Works well in this kitchen!




Do you have any great ideas for gray spaces? Do tell!



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(All images via a Google Image Search,  Decoholic and Elle Decor )


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